Lindsay Minter


Ryan Waters

Lindsay Minter and Ryan Waters

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Our Story

On February 10, 2017, Ryan proposed to Lindsay under an umbrella on the Venice Canals near Santa Monica. The two had just finished dinner celebrating their 5th anniversary and Ryan suggested they take a short walk near the canals, which was odd given that it was raining! After wandering around a bit, Ryan went down to one knee and mumbled something about his life never being the same since meeting Lindsay. He expressed how special she made him feel and rambled on about how lucky he would be if she would marry him while Lindsay stop mouth agape and said "Is this really happening?" He looked up at her and said "Is that a yes?" to which she replied "Of course!". With big smiles on their faces and walking hand in hand, they took "selfies" on their way back to the car. Coincidentally, they ran into a couple who themselves had just become engaged the weekend before and demanded to take a few photos of the newly engaged Lindsay and Ryan.

Once in the car, Lindsay asked if she should call her Mom to tell her the news. Ryan asked that she wait a few moments and instead suggested they celebrate by grabbing a drink at the Irish bar where they had first met more than five years ago. Upon walking into the bar Lindsay was greeted and surprised by family and friends. They were there waiting to surprise the happy couple, along with live music from a band Ryan and Lindsay loved to watch while living in Ventura.

While people had traveled near and far to share this special night, Lindsay commented to Ryan how it was only a glimpse of the joy they would experience being able to gather their entire group of cherished family and friends for the wedding. So it is with this sense of excitement and anticipation that Lindsay and Ryan invite you to join them at Triunfo Creek Vineyards on June 8th, 2018 for an evening of food, music, dancing and celebration!
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